A New Educational Paradigm

Today, I started Reinventing Schools: It’s Time to Break the Mold, by Charles M. Reigeluth and Jennifer R. Karnopp. Reigeluth and Karnopp (2013), argued the current Industrial Age Paradigm of education includes time-based progress in which time is constant and learning is variable; learners are given a pre-determined amount of time to learn content and the learning outcomes are variable, with some mastering the content and some requiring more time to master it. Reigeluth and Karnopp (2013) insisted a new Information Age Paradigm was necessary in order to accomodate society, including the workforce, as it currently exists- the Information Age. In the Information Age Paradigm learning would be constant and time would be variable, all learners would be required to master the same skills before moving on and the time required to master the skills would be variable as learners learn at different rates.

Do you have any experience with this new paradigm? Please share your experiences here.



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