Instructional Design and Visual Design

I just finished an outstanding and informative course on visual design in elearing.  The course was by Sally Cox, available on LinkedIn Learning.  Instructional designers analyze learning and performance contexts, learners, and instructional content. The course on visual design brought out the importance of the visual in what we do; we must analyze how content is displayed, not only what is displayed. Not only in elearning but in print based instruction as well, things like the spacing and alignment of characters, colors and shading, font type, and imagery, create cognitive load that may benefit the learner or obstruct learning. As instructional designers we must use principles of visual design to create instruction that makes learning easy and light.

Sally Cox’s course on LinkedIn Learning is Elearning Techniques: Visual Design.

For more information on cognitive load, see  Cognitive Load Theory by Sweller, Ayres, and Kalyuga.


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