Performance Improvement: Consider the Conditions and the Consequences

I am still rereading Robert F. Mager and Peter Pipe’s seminal work¬†Analyzing Performance Problems or ‘You Really Oughta wanna’. Like any good work, chock ¬†full of pearls of wisdom, I see something new everytime I read the book. A couple things that stood out to me this reading are conditions and consquences.

When analyzing performance problems, the thorough analyst must consider the conditions of performance and the consequences of performance. For example, are there obstacles that prevent a performer from performing a desired behavior, is management supportive of desirable behavior: those are conditions of performance. On the other hand, an analyst must determine if the desired performance or behavior is punished, ignored, or rewarded; he or she must also determine if behavior other than the desired behavior is rewarded: those are consequences of performance.

A thorough analysis sets the stage for approprate solutions for performance problems.


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